All Natural Firejel

About Firejel™

Firejel™ Charcoal & Firewood Starter was invented by a distinguished scientist and chemist from a prestigious American University. A barbecuing enthusiast himself, he was dissatisfied with the lighter fluid taste that often accompanied his food.

With his background in chemistry and materials science he knew that he could create a healthier, tastier way to grill outdoors. After several years of trial and error he arrived at the idea of a clean burning alcohol gel, in a completely consumable, environmentally friendly container, that would go underneath the grate, thereby utilizing energy far more efficiently and increasing safety simultaneously. "Flare up" another major drawback of lighter fluid, was eliminated as a concern due to the nature of the corn alcohol used in Firejel™.

He took his idea to his favorite entrepreneur, also a charcoal enthusiast , who had successfully marketed many of his inventions in the past. Together they are giving America a tastier, healthier, safer way to grill with charcoal.

Firejel™ is great for charcoal grilling, fireplaces, wood stoves, firepits, camping and backpacking.